Summer is considered one of the best times of the year and is a great time to have an adventure, try something new or just relax and enjoy life. However, there are some summer health dangers you should be aware of to make the most of your sunny season and preserve your body in the best possible condition. Some of these are natural remedies and others are just good everyday practices you might not be doing.

Acne and Dehydration

While acne is not necessarily a summer problem, summer can be the worst time of the year in which to have them. Dehydration is far more likely to occur in summer due to the increase in sweat which causes a major loss in water and electrolytes. This can lead to very serious side effects and medical attention should be sought immediately if the signs of dehydration are presented.

A good way to counter the possibility of this summer health danger is to drink at least one glass of warm water with lemon slices in it in the morning. Preferably quite a bit more water throughout the day as well. Both the lemon juice from the slices and the temperature of the water have proven benefits. For starters, drinking water re-hydrates the body. Drinking warm water will clean out your digestive tract for improved digestion. Lemons are rich in vitamin C which increases the amount of collagen in the skin for greater elasticity, maintaining a youthful appearance.

The aforementioned flush of the digestive tract is also accompanied by a general maintenance of the body on hormonal and lymph levels by providing enough water for optimal function. These act together to give a reduction in the oiliness and amount of acne present.


Summer brings allergies galore. Unfortunately, contrary to some popular advice, you cannot take in enough antihistamines by just eating natural produce. Or, perhaps you could, if you were willing to eat incredibly large amounts of the right foods. However, a better alternative is to use supplements which are derived from produce naturally rich in antihistamines (pineapple extracts are a good possibility). Do not ignore sound medical advice, such as those concerning an asthma pump, though.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a result of food having grown too hot, which allows harmful bacteria to grow on it, resulting in sickness. It is popularly believed that eating organic food reduces the risk of food poisoning. However, this view does not have any scientific evidence backing it up yet, so you should use your own judgement. That being said, make sure to wash your produce before use and keep everything well refrigerated to greatly reduce the risks involved.

Heat Stroke

Just to emphasize the importance of water for our bodies, heat stroke is a preventable condition which occurs when your body cannot remain cool enough, often due to being improperly hydrated. It is not the same as dehydration though it shares a root cause, to an extent. Signs of heat stroke is an very elevated pulse, when a person’s body stops sweating, if the person seems confused and if the person is breathing rapidly. Seek urgent medical assistance if these symptoms present themselves.


Alright, those are some of the very preventable summer health dangers you can avoid by taking care of yourself, so be sure to do just that. Have a lovely summer!